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Option of Medical Plans Available in Nebraska

October 23rd, 2022

Getting medical plans in Nebraska should not be a hectic task for the residents given the number of options available. Lots of companies offer affordable medical plans in various modes. Apart from discussing the publish health insurance options in Nebraska,Guest Posting we would talk about individual companies offering medical insurance plans in Nebraska and some of the other available options.
Public medical insurance programs in Nebraska
For low-income individuals and families, the public Nebraska health insurance assistance programs could be a good source of help. Some of the programs are:
• Medicaid
Medicaid medical plan provides insurance to low-income residents and disabled citizens of Nebraska.
• Kids Connection
Being an extension of Medicaid, it offers health insurance to kids who do not qualify for Medicaid due to income eligibility limits. Children up to age 19 can receive coverage from Kids Connection.
• The Every Woman Matters Program
Like many other states, Nebraska’s low-income women can receive free screening for breast and cervical cancer through this program. Later on, if they are diagnosed with cancer, they will receive benefits through Medicaid for treatment.
Private companies offering medical plans in Nebraska
• Celtic Health Insurance
The company offer individual health insurance in variety of medical plans geared towards individuals and families.
• Humana Health Insurance
Humana offer affordable health insurance options to residents of Nebraska.
• Time Insurance Health Insurance
Time Insurance is known as Assurant Health nowadays. It offers medical plans to individuals, students, families, senior citizens, and businesses.
• Golden Rule Health Insurance
Like other famous private insurance companies of Nebraska, Golden Rule offers customized health insurance plans to individuals and families.
• World Insurance – Brokerage Health Insurance
World Insurance – Brokerage is one of the leading insurance companies in Nebraska. They have an extensive network of doctors and hospitals at the disposal of their members.
• ANTEX Health Insurance
ANTEX is a very famous health insurance provider in Nebraska and offers variety of medical plans.
• John Alden Health Insurance
As a part of Assurant, John Alden medical plans include individual health and small group coverage. They also sell Health Savings Account (HSA) plans.
• United Security Life Health Insurance

Adventure Travel – Nebraska

March 29th, 2022

Travel into Nebraska and you will find peace and quiet, where you can stare at the stars and let your imagination run. Adventure into Nebraska and discover, the largest planted forest in the country that is well over a hundred years old. Visit Platte River Valley and view the Sand hill Cranes by the hundreds. Tanking down the river in a water tank and let your cares float away.

A peaceful float down the Platte River river starting at the Platte River landing will take you past rocky buttes, sand bars full of wildlife and past old stands of hickory and cottonwood trees.
Float down the river at about 5 miles per hour and just enjoy the views. Spend the night at one of the campsites at Platte River Landing or stay in North Bend the closest city in the area.

Discover Smith Falls State Park take a one mile hike to view Nebraska’s largest waterfall. Just one of the short scenic discoveries you will find along the Scenic Sandhill Highway. Your adventure here will take you to the end of the Niobrara River. This area has one of the most diverse ecological areas in Nebraska and is a favorite with the locals.

An adventure into Niobrara River State Park you will find campgrounds and cabins in the area. The lodge serves up buffalo burgers with views of the river. Spend the day and take a horse ride along the trail or hike through the area and discover the wild birds along the way.

Traveling across Nebraska traveling along the Sandhill Scenic Highway it will remind you of the wave of the ocean in green. The grasslands here protect the dunes and provide habitat for wildlife and fowl.
Stopping along the way and catching the way the wind gives the sea of grass motion will give you a feeling of times gone by.

If you are a history buff I recommend the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway for eighty seven miles you will travel through historic Nebraska and discover what Lewis and Clark viewed as they searched for the Pacific Ocean.

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